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The Master Cleanse Recipe for Detoxification

The Master Cleanse Recipe for Detoxification

The 10-day master cleanse diet, also known as the lemonade diet, has been used to cleanse undesired waste accumulations and internal systems for well over a century. This process creates a feeling of well being once you have come to the completion of the regime.

This cleanse is rigorous and should not be attempted without consulting with a health care professional. If you are experiencing chronic health issues, particularly liver, colon or kidney conditions, the master cleanse has been known to assist in healing and improved health. But, again, consult with a doctor before embarking on this cleanse diet. This program was designed to optimize health and cleanse the system of unwanted waste accumulations.

The recipe is simple and easy to prepare. There are no complicated or hard-to-find ingredients. You probably have everything you need right in your kitchen.

Ingredients needed for the master cleanse recipe

Here is what you need to do

Drink up to 60 ounces of the recipe in addition to the recommended daily allowance of pure water (half of your body weight in ounces). The additional water will help to quiet hunger making it easier to follow the regime.

It is important to cleanse your cupboard as you cleanse your body. Remove all of the processed foods and treats that may otherwise provide too great a temptation and make it difficult to stick to the plan.
For a daily 60 ounce serving, prepare the following:

60 ounces of pure water

12 ounces of Grade B organic maple syrup

12 tablespoons of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice

One half of a teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper

Combine all of the ingredients and drink it throughout the day. The mixture will taste better if it is chilled and consumed over a glass filled with ice.

Other Benefits of the Master Cleanse Diet

The lemon juice in the master cleanse recipe will provide good amounts of vitamins A, C and D while the cayenne pepper will help to dispel the thick layers of mucus that accumulate within the walls of the colon. The water will flush the liver and kidneys.

For a more thorough cleansing, you may wish to incorporate herbal laxatives. This will further empty the colon and provide a better cleanse.
Once you have completed the master cleanse, it is imperative to incorporate healthy foods into your diet. This would be a great opportunity to jumpstart a new lifestyle. Eliminate processed junk foods permanently and replace them with fresh, organic vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

You will shed weight while you are working through the master cleanse diet. It is important to begin incorporating foods slowly after the completion of the regime. Do not dive into eating foods that are devoid of nutrition and packed with harmful fats and chemical additives. If you eat clean and healthy, you will never struggle with a weight issue again and you will maintain a clean colon for optimal health.


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