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Bikram Yoga for a Natural Cleanse

Bikram Yoga for a Natural Cleanse

This type of yoga was developed by Bikram Choudhury, a Yogi who began to practice yoga at the age of three. He then studied it for years with Bishnu Ghosh, the renowned physical culturalist. They developed this form of yoga together as a particularly challenging set of poses and stretches.

As a beginner, you will get the most benefit from Bikram yoga by practicing with a skilled instructor. More and more Bikram is becoming available around the country in yoga studios and health clubs.

Of the many types of yoga, Bikram yoga stands out from the rest. Although the practice itself is similar to other types of yoga, there is one big difference, the studio in which Bikram is perform is heated. Typically, the room will be between 90 and 100 degrees. This is why Bikram is also called “hot yoga.”

When participating in Bikram yoga, you will follow a program that consistently employs 26 poses that are performed twice each during the class.

First, you will begin with standing postures. After these, you will progress into backbends. From there, forward bends and twists follow. As you perform the postures, you will employ Kapalabhati breath (also known as breath of fire) techniques. These are advanced techniques performed for their natural body cleansing and energizing qualities.

There is a reason why the room is so hot for Bikram yoga practices. It aids in the increased flexibility of your body. Heat makes the difficult postures easier to achieve and practice a more effective exercise. There are many very challenging poses involved in Bikram yoga. As your body heats up you will be more able to comfortably enter into them thereby lowering your risk of injury and allowing you to benefit more. You will also sweat more readily opening pores and providing yourself a natural body cleanse.

By practicing Bikram, you are doing more than stretching your muscles. You are massaging your internal organs helping to lubricate and strengthen your glands and boost your nervous system. You are working to strengthen your ligaments, joints and muscles.

The web offers a wide array of books dedicated to the Bikram yoga practice where you can learn more about the history and benefits of this rewarding practice.

Ready for a challenge and to branch out and try something new? Try “hot yoga” for a natural cleansing, deep muscle workout.


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