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A Natural Candida Cleanse

A Natural Candida Cleanse

All around the world candida infections afflict thousands of women each year. In fact, they are the fourth most common infection among women. It is important to flush bad yeasts from our bodies. A candida cleanse will enable the good microogranisms in our bodies to flourish as it disables the bad. Diet is the most effective way to accomplish this.

When you are walking around with too much candida in your system, you may experience one or more of these symptoms: sugar and chocolate cravings, fatigue, frequent skin problems, brain fog, and a white tongue coating.

In order to effectively flush the candida out of our systems, we must start by performing a colon cleanse prior to performing a candida cleanse. This process flushes the accumulated wastes and toxins from our bodies and cleanses our digestive tracts. By doing this, we will be priming our systems for optimal flushing of candida.

At the completion of the colon cleanse (a packaged product you can obtain from a health food store), it is important to starve out the candida by avoiding the foods listed below.

To effectively flush the candida out of our systems, the following candida promoting foods need to be avoided for at least a week. Optimally, some of them should be permanently eliminated from your diet.

mushrooms and fungus – these can be consumed in moderation once the cleanse is complete
all types of vinegar – these too can and should be reintroduced at the conclusion of the cleanse
processed meats like sausage, pastrami, lunch meats, corned beef, hot dogs, bacon and ham – these should be avoided during the cleanse and eliminated for good as they contain high levels of nitrates

processed white flour and all sugar (even fruit) – after the cleanse, reintroduce fruits but continue to avoid white flour and refined sugars
peanuts and products containing peanuts
alcoholic beverages
Avoid these foods for at least a week following the colon cleanse.

During this time, you should be consuming only whole grains, raw vegetables and organic eggs.

Include some lactobacillus acidophilus (probiotics) in your regime. This is a good bacteria that is protective against forming candida. You can find probiotics in supplement form at any health food store. It is also present in yogurts. But keep in mind that if you choose to consume it from yogurt it needs to be a non-fruit, sugar-free variety, which may be difficult to find.

Also include a half cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice to your regime. Drink this twice per day.

Sauerkraut and unsweetened kefir are also beneficial.

Since you will be performing a whole body cleanse in the process of doing the candida cleanse, you will find that you will feel wonderful at the completion of this regime. Keep up the good work! If you continue to leave out the worst offenders for growing candida, you will feel better in the long run.

Excess candida can be dangerous to your health. Always consult a physician for diagnosis prior to embarking on any cleansing regime.


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