Home Detoxification Give up Smoking to Cleanse your Body and Improve your Looks

Give up Smoking to Cleanse your Body and Improve your Looks

Give up Smoking to Cleanse your Body and Improve your Looks

Smoking wrecks havoc on your body in countless ways. Not only are you jeopardizing your health by lighting up, but you are also damaging your outward appearance.

First, smoking affects our ability to get rest. Studies have shown that smokers are four times more likely to feel tired after a full night’s sleep. It is thought that the nicotine withdrawal experienced during the night may be the cause. When you are not rested, it shows in your face. You look tired, drawn and your eyes can become bloodshot.

When you smoke, your teeth can become stained by the nicotine. Trying to keep your teeth whitened can be an expensive endeavor and one that needs constant upkeep. The average cost of a cleaning is between $500 to $1,000. Tack that on to the cost of cigarettes and you could probably pay the mortgage with the cost of a monthly cleaning and supply of cigarettes.

Smoking can cause premature aging. Wrinkles on a young person do not have the appearance of someone who is wise with age. When a relatively young individual dons a bunch of unsightly wrinkles, they look haggard and unhealthy.

Studies have shown that smoking will accelerate the effects of aging. On average, smokers look 1.4 years older than non-smokers. It is said that by smoking, you affect the blood supply to skin tissue that makes it look healthy and supple. By doing so, wrinkles will appear earlier on your face.

The domino effect of smoking is staggering. The toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke generate free radicals causing damage to the DNA found in hair follicles. This results in thinner hair that tends to prematurely gray.
After factoring in other risks of baldness like genetics and aging, smokers who are men lose their hair twice as often as non-smokers.

When you smoke, a narrowing of blood vessels occurs which limits blood that is oxygen-rich from flowing to the small vessels that exist in the face and throughout the body. This causes wounds to heal more slowly and scars to appear larger and more pronounced. Your skin loses its glow. Not only will you have more wrinkles and appear gaunt, but your skin tone will take on an ashen appearance – all caused by smoking. Oxygen in the skin is thwarted by the carbon monoxide found in cigarette smoke causing the skin to be dry and discolored.

Nutrients, such as vitamin C, are depleted by smoking. Otherwise protected and repair by this antioxidant, skin is damaged as a result.

Connecting tissue and fiber in your skin is damaged by nicotine causing weakened, loose skin. This can make stretch marks appear should you gain weight. This can happen to anyone that gains weight quickly but smoking certainly contributes to the effect.

Although smoking can suppress the appetite, smokers have been shown to have more visceral fat. This is dangerous fat that attaches to the internal organs and plants itself around your tummy. This type of fat will increase your risk of disease such as diabetes in the long run.

If you are a smoker, you can start to cleanse your body immediately by kicking the habit. With all that we know about the damages smoking causes, it just does not make sense to let this life threatening dirty habit take control of your life and well being.


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