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How You Can Be Your Own Detox Machine

How You Can Be Your Own Detox Machine

Detoxification of our bodies is such an important part of good health. Our livers and kidneys work hard to flush the toxins out. But the important task of body detox is not one that is easily accomplished since we are bombarded by toxins in our everyday life.

How are we exposed to toxins?

It seems like everything we do exposes us to toxins of one sort or another. Our environment is loaded with toxins. The air we breathe is polluted. The chemicals in products we use externally on our bodies can be toxic as well. Exposure to some of these toxins is out of our control. But you can control some of these toxic exposures.

The foods we eat can also be toxic. Processed junk foods are full of chemicals, preservatives and additives that are toxic. Foods that contain hydrogenated oils, refined sugars and refined carbohydrates are detrimental to our health. They are difficult for our bodies to assimilate as they are devoid of nutrition. It is hard work for our organs to cleanse when they are forced to process these nutrient-deficient foods.

How can you become a detox machine?

Detoxing is a commitment and can be challenging- especially if you are someone who consumes mostly processed junk foods. But there is hope! You can control your health and vitality by monitoring and changing elements of your lifestyle that are detrimental to your health.

A body cleanse can be accomplished if you make lifestyle changes. Eliminate those elements that are doing you harm. Making a commitment to lifestyle changes alone will enable you to work to detoxify the body. By not introducing as many new toxins that your body will need to use resources to flush, you will give it a chance to detoxify and renew.

Read labels! You should be reading the labels of body products that you use regularly. Steer clear of chemical additives in soaps and shampoos such as methylisothiazolinone and sodium lauryl sulfates, found to cause nerve damage. Chemically derived fragrances in perfumes, soaps and shampoos are harmful as well. There are other options. Health food stores and more and more supermarkets are offering many options that do not include these substances. Additionally, be weary of ingredients that you cannot pronounce or identify.

As in personal body products, food labels need to be examined. Cook from scratch so that you are aware of what is in your meals. When you do purchase packaged products, stick to the rule of 5. If a processed food has more than 5 ingredients or ingredients that you cannot pronounce or identify, stay away. These products are detrimental to your health and are not providing you with any nutrients your bodies can use.

You can be your own detox machine! Making some adjustments in your lifestyle will give you the power of good health. Don’t take your health for granted. The time to maintain good health is when you have it. It is much more difficult to regain good health once it has been lost.


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