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My Version of a Lemon Detox Diet

My Version of a Lemon Detox Diet

As part of my daily regime, every morning when I wake up I prepare my version of a lemon detox diet. I have heard about many detox programs using lemon, such as, the lemon juice detox diet and the Beyonce lemon detox diet. I have not researched these diets nor looked into their validity.

My version is quite simple and pure. Here is my version of a lemon detox diet recipe:

I fill a large glass (about 16 ounces) with purified water
Squeeze one half of an organic lemon into it
Add Himalayan sea salt (I use a salt mill and twist about 5 times into the water)

Then I simply drink this before I put anything else into my body. It is the first thing that goes into my system and serves to cleanse and detoxify my liver and get it ready for the day ahead. It also ensures that I am getting a kick start on consuming enough water for the day (at least eight 8 ounce glasses).

I first learned about this lemon detox diet drink back when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I dove into reading as many books as possible on healing from cancer and preventing a recurrence. I think the book that I read about it in was called “The Cure.” I adopted this ritual and quickly became addicted to getting my daily fix. When I wake up in the morning now, a year later, I am quick to head to the kitchen to prepare my lemon drink. I cannot start the day without it. I feel great once I have consumed it and feel that my body is prepped to deal with what I introduce into it that day.

After I have my drink, I then feel free to consume what has proven to be my one diet vice since I completely changed my lifestyle. It is the single cup of coffee (organic of course) that I consume daily. When you consider I used to drink 3 or 4, one is quite an improvement. Plus, since I cut out dairy, I no longer add cow’s milk to my coffee. I instead, make my own almond milk from organic almonds. It is easy and good for me. Something you may wish to consider if you have cut the dairy out of your life once and for all as I have done. I also add a little pinch of Stevia to my coffee to sweeten it. This replaces the packet of Splenda that I used to add to each cup of coffee I consumed. Knowing what I now know about Splenda, there is no doubt that the Stevia is a healthier and more nutritious option.

Starting your day with a lemon drink is a great way to start any detox program. It is not a standalone means to detoxify your body, but is a good way to incorporate small changes into your regime to make the overall big picture of your diet a healthy one


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