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The Healthy Benefits of Juice Detox

The Healthy Benefits of Juice Detox

So many of us eat the SAD (standard American diet), which consists of processed junk foods that are devoid of nutritional value. We are lacking in the important nutrients and vitamins that we so desperately need to maintain good health and remain disease free. A good way to ensure that we are getting vitamins and nutrients is to do a juice detox.

Making and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables several times a week is a healthy detox that will increase your intake of antioxidants and boost your immune system. Running fresh, organic fruits and vegetables through a juicer will extract the valuable enzymes and nutrients contained within. You will benefit from all of the vitamins and minerals that these fruits and vegetables contain, without the fiber – which is difficult for your body to digest.

You may wish to abstain from food for a couple of days while you drink only fresh juices. Performing a juice detox will ensure that you are getting vital nutrients while giving your digestive system a well deserved break. This will enable your colon to cleanse.

Juicing can be beneficial as well for those who may find it difficult to chew and/or swallow solid foods.

You can perform a natural detox by drinking only fruit and vegetable juices that you extract at home. To do a strict juice detox, you abstain from solid foods and drink only these juices for a predetermined amount of time.

If you don’t want to dive in that rigidly, you may choose to do a slower juice detox by simply adding freshly extracted juices to your diet at the start of the day. Then, later in the day eat a variety of raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

The most important element in maintaining good health once you have detoxed is to reduce or eliminate processed junk foods from your diet. You will not be giving yourself the best chance at optimal health if you continue to indulge in nutritionally deficient foods.

Juicing allows you to pack in the nutrients of many different vegetables in a concentrated manner. More than you could consume by eating them. I like to use mostly green vegetables and add a couple of carrots and a green apple to make the juice palatable. I can taste the nutrition in every sip.

There is so much mounting research proving the benefits of consuming more fruits and vegetables. Juice detox is such a great way to ensure that you are taking in all of your veggie servings.

Always consult with a qualified medical professional before performing any sort of detoxification program. Once you have, let’s raise a nutrient rich glass of freshly extracted juice to good health!


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