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How to Accomplish the Best Colon Cleanse

How to Accomplish the Best Colon Cleanse

With all of the available products claiming to be the best colon cleansers, it can sometimes be confusing and difficult to find the right option. Online resources can be helpful. Although sometimes when you examine review sites, it can seem like the reviewers are merely attempting to sell you their particular product. Discussion boards can provide more genuine information, but again, you need to weed through the endless threads for good advice.

Sometimes in the end reverting back to what was done in previous generations is the best alternative. In this case, the best colon cleanse is the tried and true method of colonic irrigation. In simple terms, a home enema is your answer!

There are different types of enemas that can be found in drugstores and pharmacies. The “high” enema that can be hung from a hook is the most effective. A complete kit would include a bag that can be filled with water, coffee, herbal tea or epsom salts, a hook for hanging the bag, a tube that runs from the bag, and a tip that inserts into the rectum.

An enema bag kit

Method of Use
After you fill the enema bag with the solution you will use, get into a crawling position where your palms and knees are on the floor. Insert the tube and let the solution flow into your anus until you cannot hold any more. Remove the tube and gently roll from side to side. Massage your abdomen to work out congested areas. This will make evacuation easier.

Attempt to hold the fluid for as long as you possibly can. Minimally for 10 minutes up to 20 minutes or longer. Try not to allow yourself to expel too early. The longer you hold the solution, the more thorough the colon detox will be accomplished.

For good colon health and regularity, it is a good idea to be sure to get enough fiber everyday. Experts recommend consuming 25-30 grams each day. A quality bran cereal is a good source of fiber. Other sources of fiber include fresh or dried fruits and vegetables, and barley. When you consume enough fiber on a daily basis, you will not experience gas and bloating.

To recap, the best colon cleanse begins with purging accumulated wastes from the colon. As a follow up, consume enough fiber in your diet, drink enough pure water and exercise often.


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