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Colon Health for Disease Prevention

Colon Health for Disease Prevention

In men and women colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. In addition, the number one cause of excessive body fat and many other health issues is the fact that we neglect our colons. By simply being more aware of the choices we make in terms of diet and exercise, we can dramatically improve the health of our colons.

For long term health, it is vital that this care be taken. Simply put, the colon is like the sewer line for our bodies. As with a conventional sewer, the waste that passes through must expel or it could potentially cause a buildup. When this occurs, it is not only messy but very toxic. In our bodies, this is precisely what occurs when our colon is not properly evacuated.

Eating plenty of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables is vital for colon health
When we are experiencing normal colon activity, we will generally purge waste in the morning (ideally 2-4 feet of intestinal accumulation) and then again in the afternoon or early evening (another 1.2 feet of accumulation from our intestinal tract).

If we are chronically constipated, it will have a major impact on the health of our colon. When our system is not purging waste normally, it is building in our intestines. As it builds, it becomes increasingly toxic upping the risk of infection and disease. When our colon is not functioning properly we can also experience deficiencies in nutrition. As waste backs up, the nutritional benefit in our foods does not leave the intestinal tract.

Diet is also a vital colon cleanser. If we consume a poor diet that does not include enough healthy vegetables and fruits, obstructions could occur in our colons that can lead to other serious health conditions. When waste accumulates in our bodies, they can release toxins into our blood stream causing disease such as autointoxication and malnutrition.

Phenols and cresols are some of the cancer-promoting toxins that are created under these conditions along with other carcinogens that contribute to disease. It is difficult for the body to ward off disease once it has taken hold on our bodies. Poor colon health can also attribute to diverticulitis, which is an inflammation of the diverticula in the colon. This is largely preventable with proper diet.

It is vital to keep the colon cleansed by consuming the proper diet. You may also choose to seek the assistance of a colon hydrotherapy session to kick start a new region of improved colon health.


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