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A Healthy Cleanse for your Skin

A Healthy Cleanse for your Skin

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. As such it is our first line of defense against dirt, bacteria and disease. It covers our bodies from top to bottom. Therefore, it makes sense that keeping our skin healthy can affect the overall health of our bodies.

Skin is also an important part of our overall appearance. If we have unhealthy looking skin, it affects the perception others may have of us. It does not take much time or effort to take good care of our skin.

Here are some basic tips that will help you to keep your skin younger and healthier looking.

Vitamin E is a wonderful skin moisturizer

  1. Use mild cleansers on your skin. Avoid harsh soaps that contain additives and preservatives. These can damage your skin and dry it out.
  2. Start now to keep your skin healthy and cleansed. The younger you are when you start to care for your skin, the more youthful you will look as you age.
  3. When washing your face, use warm water. Water that is too hot can be dehydrating to your skin and can cause damage. On the other hand, if water is too cold it can also dry the skin.
  4. Treat your skin with care. Be gentle when you are cleansing your skin. To rid it of debris that accumulates in the pores, use a gentle cleanser that is non-abrasive. It is alright to use an exfoliator as this will remove dead skin cells. However, practice care when using one so as not to damage your skin.
  5. A skin toner can help your skin. It can maintain clear, firm skin. Look for products that contain alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic. Products that contain these ingredients are best for toning. However, look at the overall list of ingredients and be certain no harmful substances are present. Avoid toners that include alcohol as it is damaging to the skin.
  6. Stay moisturized. Keeping the skin moisturized will help it to maintain a youthful appearance. Aloe Vera and vitamin E are great for moisturizing the skin. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer as well. These are all pure, natural elements that are great for keeping skin healthy. You can find vitamin E in capsule or liquid form. The capsules can be broken open and applied directly to the skin. A small amount goes a long way. By spreading a small amount on the face prior to going to bed, you will benefit greatly, especially if you do this practice daily prior to your skin starting to wrinkle.

Coconut oil is found in any health food store. It has a multitude of uses from cooking to skin health. Spread it over the body to moisturize. Use a small amount. While it may go on a bit oily, it soaks into the skin quickly.

Aloe vera is a gel that can be taken directly from the plant or purchased in a health food store. Use liberally on the skin. Aloe dissolves quickly and can be used as needed. It is especially good for scrapes, sunburn or other minor skin injuries.

Healthy cleansing of the skin should be practiced on a daily basis. Taking good care of your skin will not only improve your appearance, but it will benefit your overall health.


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