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Relax With A Detox Bath

Relax With A Detox Bath

What is more relaxing and soothing than a nice warm bath? A detox bath! You will get all the relaxing benefits of a soaking bath along with the benefits of detoxification. Try one and you will find that you will gladly add detox baths to your regular healthy life regime.

A hot bath is so good for our bodies. The warm water opens pores allowing toxins to be released. The toxins will release out of the body via our largest organ – the skin.

To increase the detoxification affects, add some sea salts and herbs. These will cause the body to sweat. Sweating is the single best way to release toxins from our skin.

For fragrance, stay away from unnatural, additive laden perfumes. Natural essential oils are wonderful to add to a bath. They are 100% wholesome and you only need to add a few drops. You can mix and match the oils you use for different affects and benefits. I like to add lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and other oils to my bath. But, you can add whatever your favorites are. Most health food stores have a display rack with dozens of essential oils to choose from.

Since ancient times, folks have been enjoying detox baths as a means for eliminating toxins and pure soaking relaxation. For the best effects, use very warm water. If possible, filtered or purified water is best.

If you are pregnant, have a heart condition or other serious health or vascular issue, consult your physician before taking a detox bath.

Here are a couple of detox bath recipes. I have tried them all and love each and every one.

Age old detox bath

1 cup of Epsom salts
Add the Epsom salts to the bath water.
Soak for up to 30 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Add 1-2 cups of organic apple cider vinegar to bath water
Soak for up to 30 minutes

Fragrant Detox bath

10-12 drops of your favorite essential oils
a small amount of liquid castile soap
Gently agitate the water to create some bubbles (if you have a spa tub, turn on the jets they will do the work for you!)
Soak and relax!

Come up with your own recipe. There really are no limitations. Add whatever pure, natural ingredients that help you relax. Try taking your favorite detox bath at least once a week for the best benefits.


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