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Drinking Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens

Drinking Wheatgrass and Leafy Greens

How do you pack a glass full of potent nutrients, vitamins and enzymes? Go to your local supermarket, purchase some organic leafy greens, a couple of carrots and a green apple, and juice them. Juicing is an excellent way to consume the nutrients your body so vitally needs. You might also mix in a little bit of wheatgrass juice while you are at it. Wheatgrass can also be consumed on its own.

As a nutrient packed superfood, you can’t beat it. Wheatgrass is chock full of nutrients and vitamins. Drinking one small shot of wheatgrass juice is all you need in order to take advantage of its health benefits. There are several ways to consume wheatgrass. You can grow wheatgrass at home and then juice it with a special wheatgrass juicer.

My husband tried to grow his own wheatgrass in our basement but didn’t have much success. Living in the north east it is not easy to grow anything during the winter months if you do not have a sunny location in your home or a green house in your yard. Many people, however, boast the ease of growing wheatgrass. I think my husband might have success too. He plans to put on his farm hat and try his hand again once spring comes. Growing it during the summer months should be a breeze.

If you don’t want to grow and juice wheatgrass yourself, you can simply purchase juice from a local health food store. However, lately I have found it more difficult to find. I used to purchase a brand called Perfect Foods from Whole Foods. Up until recently they carried their product. When I stopped seeing it in Whole Foods, I called the owner of Perfect Foods who informed me that they are no longer allowed to sell wholesale unless they pasteurize their juice. Unfortunately, when you pasteurize wheatgrass juice, you kill all of the nutrients and make it worthless as a nutritional supplement.

The owner refused to do this and was therefore told by the FDA that he could no longer sell to any store wholesale. But, he still does sell his product retail via his website. I believe though that it is only available in the North Atlantic region. I’m sure if you research online you might find some options if you are outside of this region.

Another option to get the benefits of wheatgrass juice is to find a wheatgrass powder. Also available in health food stores, you can match most of the nutrients of fresh wheatgrass by mixing the powder with juice and drinking it daily. Many green powders are full of other greens as well. Try to find an organic, freeze dried brand so that most of the nutrients are preserved. Be certain there are no additives in the brand you choose. A brand that I find good is Green Vibrance from a company called Vibrant Health. I buy it at Whole Foods or online and love it in my daily green smoothies. They have a “raw” version that is dried in the sun.

Whatever you choose to consume, drinking greens, in particular wheatgrass, is a great way to keep chronic disease away!


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