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Performing a Gallbladder Cleanse

Performing a Gallbladder Cleanse

To eliminate gallstones from the body, it is often effective to do a gallbladder cleanse. When our gallbladders are not working properly, the function of our digestive system can be effected which in turn can lead to illness and disease. Some symptoms of an ill-functioning gallbladder can include headache and cramping of the abdomen. The build up of bile and cholesterol can lead to the creation of stones. When stones are developing and remain present in the gallbladder, one can experience a great deal of pain. By performing a gallbladder cleanse, you will purge these sediments out of your body.

A sign that you may be experiencing gallstones is pain in the abdomen on the right side. It is vital that you see a doctor if you suspect you have gallstones. Severe pain can also be an indication of another illness and should be checked by a medical professional.

It is always a good idea to learn as much as you can about alternative options that may be helpful in treating stones before you have them removed via surgery. A cholecystectomy, or the elimination of gallstones, is often recommended by doctors by way of performing a cleanse prior to attempting more intrusive procedures.

Outlined below are three cleansing options that may save you from the surgeon’s knife.

Gallbladder Cleanse 1

This is a one-day flush to aid the body in purging sediments and stones from the gallbladder. During the course of the day, eat only green apples. Do not eat less than five apples throughout the day. Consuming green apples will help the stones soften. Also, consume as much herbal tea or purified water as desired.

Prior to going to sleep, warm approximately two thirds of a cup of olive oil mixed with one third of a cup of fresh lemon juice. Slowly sip the combination. Once you have finished it all, go to bed. Lay on your right side with your right leg bent into your chest. The gallstones should release into your feces while you sleep.

Gallbladder Cleanse 2

This is a more gentle option than the first and may not be as effective as quickly. For five days, eat nothing but apples and radishes.

On an empty stomach, consume two tablespoons of olive oil with two tablespoons of lemon juice once every day.

Gallbladder Cleanse 3

This option may take up to 21 days. It is a mild cleanse for the body and gallbladder. When one is unsure of the severity of their gallstone condition, they may opt to perform this cleanse.

During the course of the cleanse, avoid high fat foods including meat, eggs and dairy products. Eat fresh vegetables, legumes, unrefined grains and fruits. These foods will provide an overall body cleanse as it cleanses the gallbladder. Foods that hasten removal of gallstones from the system include radishes, seaweed, pears, parsnips, lemons and the spice turmeric.

Be sure to consume a couple of radishes each day as they are important in the purging of gallstones.

Also, drink five cups of chamomile tea each day or three cups of cleavers tea.

These gallbladder cleanses have been shown to be effective for purging gallstones out of the system. They may be well worth your while as they will at the very least provide a cleansing for your body overall and may also help to purge stones from your gallbladder.

If you are experiencing severe pain, always seek the advice of a medical professional.


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