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Raw Carrot Cake Muffin Recipe

Raw Carrot Cake Muffin Recipe

Raw food recipes are so much more pure and natural than any other recipes around. They incorporate lots of fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and are amazingly creative. There are no artificial sweeteners or refined sugars in raw foods either.

The only sweeteners used are natural sweeteners such as agave nectar, stevia extract, dates or maple syrup (which isn’t technically raw but is used a lot for its sweet properties). You won’t find refined flours in raw recipes. Basically, there are no refined ingredients at all. Everything is pure and natural.

Some raw food recipes are very complicated and take hours or even days to prepare because of overnight pre-soaking or hours and hours of dehydrating. This recipe is not like that. It is simple to make and no pre-soaking or dehydrating is necessary. It is even quicker than fixing regular baked carrot cake muffins as it goes from the food processor to the plate in minutes. No baking needed.

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The health benefits of these muffins should be pointed out. This muffin recipe is chock full of heart healthy omega 3s that are present in the walnuts, flax and Udo’s oil. You may go raw after trying this recipe!


  • 1/2 cup organic raw walnuts
  • 1/2 cup organic raisins
  • 1 cup organic carrot pulp (2 large carrots after juicing)
  • 1/4 cup shredded organic coconut
  • 1 tsp Udo’s oil
  • 1 tbsp ground flax seed
  • Dash of cinnamon to taste
  • Dash of nutmeg to taste
  • Agave syrup or dates to sweeten if desired


In a small food processor, pulse the walnuts and raisins. If you want a sweeter muffin, add some dates or agave syrup to the mixture. Once mixed well, add remaining ingredients. Pulse again until it forms a doughy consistency.

For best results, use silicone cupcake molds to form the muffins. This recipe should make four small muffins. Pack the dough gently into the molds to form. Remove the muffins from the forms and frost with the recipe that follows for cashew frosting. You will feel like you are enjoying a rich, creamy treat. In reality, you are! But, you are also ditching the refined, processed version of this food for this extremely healthy alternative.

For a cashew cream frosting, mix together the following:

½ cup cashews
1 tsp water (add more when processing if needed)
¼ cup agave
1 tsp coconut oil
Dash of vanilla extract




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