The creators of “Master Affiliate Profits” (MAP) are John Thornhill and Omar Martin, two seasoned professionals in the field of affiliate marketing. Their extensive experience and individual success stories contribute significantly to the credibility and potential of the MAP program.

John Thornhill: John Thornhill is a top 1% ClickBank seller who has sold over $5 million worth of digital products, generating substantial personal profits. Since 2006, he has helped more than 3,000 entrepreneurs start or grow their online businesses, with his students collectively earning over $23 million online. John’s journey from working in a car factory to becoming a successful online entrepreneur showcases his resilience and expertise. He transitioned from a challenging job on a production line to running a thriving business from his purpose-built office in Northeast England. His background includes various product launches and joint ventures that have resulted in significant commissions and top rankings on platforms like JVZoo and Warrior Plus. His achievements as a ClickBank platinum seller, consistently hitting high sales targets, further establish his authority in the affiliate marketing space.

Omar Martin: Omar Martin, along with his wife Melinda, operates Higher Level Strategies, a company based in Orlando, Florida. They manage a small team and have made over $8 million online since officially starting their business in 2008. Omar is a high-ticket sales expert, author, speaker, and software developer. His story mirrors John’s in terms of overcoming challenging beginnings. Omar previously worked as a paramedic for the New York City Fire Department, a demanding role that involved dealing with difficult situations daily. He shifted from this strenuous job to becoming a successful entrepreneur, speaking at events worldwide and achieving top affiliate status on JVZoo. Omar’s personal success includes being one of John’s most successful students, further validating his expertise and dedication to helping others succeed in affiliate marketing.

Partnership and MAP Creation: John and Omar’s partnership began under serendipitous circumstances. Omar first encountered John when he purchased John’s eBay guide, which led him to realize the potential of selling digital products. This chance interaction blossomed into a strong professional relationship, with Omar joining John’s coaching program and eventually becoming a successful affiliate marketer himself. Over the years, they have collaborated on numerous projects, product launches, and joint ventures, consistently achieving impressive results.

The conception of MAP stemmed from their shared experiences and insights into the challenges faced by new affiliate marketers. They identified common obstacles such as selecting the right products to promote, obtaining approval from vendors, building an audience, and managing traffic effectively. Recognizing these pain points, John and Omar envisioned an ecosystem that simplifies and enhances the affiliate marketing process.

Development and Launch of MAP: The development of MAP was a rigorous process involving significant investment of time and resources. John made multiple trips to the US, spending extensive periods collaborating with Omar to refine their ideas and create a robust platform. They enlisted the help of their combined teams, including programmers and marketers, to build the proprietary MAP Affiliate Ecosystem, which encompasses over 160,000 lines of code. This ecosystem is designed to retain leads, prevent list sabotage, and ensure affiliates earn commissions on all sales made within the system.

John and Omar’s dedication to the project is evident in their comprehensive approach, from setting up bank accounts and hiring new staff to meticulously planning and testing the platform. Their goal is to provide a seamless process for affiliates to earn consistent income while building their lists, without the usual pitfalls of list dilution and competition from vendors.

John Thornhill and Omar Martin are the driving forces behind Master Affiliate Profits. Their extensive experience, individual success stories, and collaborative efforts have culminated in the creation of a unique affiliate marketing ecosystem aimed at revolutionizing the industry and empowering new and experienced marketers alike.

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